Broken links are those links which are not specified for the destination to targets. And an Error on landing page occurs, it caused when the web page has been moved or no longer exits.
As a SEO prospective it goes very important that interlinking between web pages should be done carefully so that we can maximize the good results in search engines and can drive quality traffic to our blog. Your site may fails to rank on Google despite all your efforts if broken links are present.
So for any web designer Broken Link Checker is of prime importance and thus it can't be neglected as such.
You can check out broken links with many of Online Broken Link Checker Tools which will surely leads your site to achieve good rank on Google.

Here you can find a list of 10+ Best And Free Online Broken Link Checker Websites.

1. W3C Link Checker

1W3C Link Checke

2. Add Me

2Broken Link Checker 404 link Check Tool

3. Link Tiger


4. Link Valet

4Link Valet

5. iWeb Tool

5Broken Link Checker

6. Submit Express

6Broken Link Checker - Bad Link Checking Tool

7. Free Link Checker


8. Any Browser


9. Broken Link Checker


10. Dead Link Checker


11. LinkChecker 0.6.6 [Firefox Add-On]

11LinkChecker -- Add-ons for Firefox

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